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Saturday, August 12, 2017

On my design wall

This throw size quilt is in progress right now.  It is a custom order in the making...
Not a lot left to do, three more short rows and a small border.  Good job on this very rainy day...that we need.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Hi folks...another gorgeous day here in the Maritimes, but we need rain badly. My garden is dust!!!!... Not the veggies now, the ground....clear powder.  Anyway, I managed to make mustard pickles worries on loosing my cucumbers now!!!  
I can't get enough of these.  And I've finished hand quilting this custom order...LaMoynne Star.
And this Wallflower is complete out to the borders...
A friend is making one too...we are sewing together. Next is June's quilt...
Isn't it just gorgeous?????  One is nice and bright...the other is nice and soft.  Love this pattern from Missouri Star Co.
This four patch is going on a Lily very soon to be machine quilted. to get supper, have a wonderful week.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

WIP Wednesday

The last full week of July....hard to believe!!!!  It seems like I just planted the garden, and we are eating from it already...crazy.  I am linking up to Monika at

I am staying busy with quilts...even though there is lots to do outside these days.  Right now, I have this one in being hand quilted.
This is the LaMoyne Star...a custom order. I am right in the middle of the quilt now.   I just put this little baby quilt on the Coronet, but haven't taken a stitch yet.  
It is a John Deere!!!!!  I couldn't stand back far enough for a full picture, but you get the idea....right?
I have this order all pieced and waiting to be hand quilted.
This is called Floral Arber, and is done in soft colours for a little girl.  I have one more to piece for this lady.  I am also working on a little applique too....a quilt by Missouri Star called Wallflower.
There are 42 blocks here....I think I have about 8 I think it will be very pretty!!!
Well...back to quilting for a bit before bedtime. Have a wonderful week, folks!!

Monday, July 17, 2017

A Finish!

Time for a post...they seem so far apart lately.  I am struggling with a summer cold this week, and it's my husbands He brought it home!!!!!   But I have to say, he felt worse than I do with it.

I finished hand quilting this custom order, Dresden Plate or Sunflower...has been called both.
And....a different look at it.
I have two more to quilt for this person...actually piecing these quilts as well. I have them all pieced now...just to quilt them.
Taking it easy for the rest of the afternoon...cold be gone!!!!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Hello folks!!  Seems like ages since I last posted, just very busy...never stop!  Well; let's see what I am up to, eh...besides weeding that garden and fighting bugs!!!!
This past weekend, I finished hand quilting this customer quilt...she pieced it, and I did the quilting.
This is a wedding gift for someone is king size
I took this one off my Lily (Coronet) this morning...
This is one that my husband pieced this past winter...closer looks.
Body of the is the borders...
And the least part of
I put this custom order in the hand quilting frames a few minutes ago...
Might stitch on it this evening. And I am working on this one with a friend once a week...
This is a couple of the blocks....using a layer cake with lots of pretty colours..more later on. That mauve fabric in the background is for another order I will be starting very soon.
Well, I have to get out to the kitchen before I burn supper!!!  Have a wonderful week.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Hi folks...linking up to Monika at
Well, the sun is shining this morning...not sure for how long though. It has been a dreary spring!
On to my works in progress...I have tons of projects on the go, but will show you the ones I am at right now.
This is a lady's quilt I am hand quilting...
I am just about in the Center now. It is very pretty colours, and I will show you the whole quilt when finished.  She marked it ahead of time, which helps.  This next one is a custom order...I've just finished piecing the Center of the quilt. Next step is the borders.
Lighting isn't great, but this is a very fresh quilt.  Besides these, I have 5or 6 waiting to be quilted one way or another.  And, I found the fabric I needed for another order, so that's good!  I spent yesterday afternoon sewing with my friend, June. She worked on a lovely set of placemats, no pic, sorry.  I worked at the quilt on my design wall above. 
Well, I guess I that's  it for me this week.  Today I will most likely be mowing after lunch..getting pampering this morning at the
Have a great day!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Fresh Off of Lily

Finally.....this quilt that my husband pieced for me is quilted!  I started it over a week ago on Lily, then got busy with lawns and gardening.  But ,yesterday I stayed at it until I took it of the frame.
Different look...
It went really well, and once I get work done outside....maybe I'll bind this one and this next one.
Gardening and lawns would be much easier if we could see something besides rain was a few days!

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Yay......took it out of the frames this morning, quilting was finished last night.  Love this quilt, and just need to bind it now in navy.  Clean up a bit and get the next in....maybe a couple of days!!!!   Lol

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Progress on WIPs

Not linking up this morning....just an update.
I can see the end of my 100 club quilt!!!!  It has been in the frames for just over two weeks, and going very well.
This is the border where I started....and here it is now.  No, I didn't just turn it a few days left on this one!!!
I have this one on Lily...not much to see because of lighting in this room. I have a 4 foot led light above the machine, which glares on the camera.
This is partial blocks...using rulers on this one for the ditch.  And next is the border pattern...everything is freehand and ruler work.
I'm a bit slow with this one because I have outdoor chores now, and going through summer clothes.
Plus...I am binding a few quilts that needed finished.
Lots to do folks...just to get to all of it.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Linking up to
Here we are again people....I've been busy, but doesn't seem like I have much new to show you.

I am moving ahead with this one being hand quilted...
Slow, I did absolutely nothing over the weekend, except run the roads!
I have this order almost pieced...two more borders to add.  Now it is hanging over the ironing board; so you can't see all of it.
I'll be adding a white and then a darker green border yet.
I pin basted this one for the Coronet this one day soon I'll start quilting it.
It is still raining here too...seems to go on forever!  I have lots more to work on, but, one at a time, eh!
I want to get some binding done this week, I have my mail slot quilt to bind, and a few small items.  Need to get them in my shop.

That's it folks...for now anyway. Have a wonderful week.....Ohhh, I forgot!!   Our sewing group is working on a project together.  Five of us are each making a Giant Dahlia quilt...we have our centres finished as of yesterday.  Here they are...

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Linking up to Monika at

Hi is raining here again, been a wet few days, and not much sun in the near future. But, the grass is green and growing!!!!  I am busy at getting quilts moving you know.  If you haven't seen my last post, here is an update....
On Sunday, I finished hand quilting this customer quilt...queen size
I finished machine quiiting this one for my shop on Lily(my Coronet)...
I bound two large quilts for a lady last pics I just did the bindings for her.
I have this one for my shop in being hand quilted now...
I love this quilt...can't wait to see it quilted!!!!  And I am working on sashings for an order...
The sashings will bring these star blocks together.  I am going to pin baste a customer quilt this week to load on Lily again.  Having lots of fun with this new machine, and learning lots!
I have lots more quilts piled and waiting to be quilted one way or another.   Before we know it, gardening will be cutting into my quilting time!!!!!  Lol

Have a wonderful week...

Sunday, April 30, 2017


Oh the feeling of a finish....this one came off the Coronet today.  It was a delight to quilt this one, called Mail Slot.  I am trying not to spend too much extra time when, meandering, loops and a little ruler work on the squares.

I thoroughly enjoyed it...everything went as planned, Coronet(Lily) works like a purring kitten.
Have  to try to finish my hand quilting on this one tonight.
Then on to more!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Linking up to Monika over here....
Hello folks...hope this finds everyone in good spirits. I know the nicer weather is helping my!
This past week has been busy here in my little corner of the world...getting ready for tourist season and gardening all at the same time. Hubby being late going back to work this year is a help to me with yard work, though.

My WIPs this time around are.....this Rail Fence pieced by the same lady that pieced last weeks Grandmothers Flower Garden is being hand quilted.
And this one on my Coronet(Lily), is my own Mail Slot quilt, which will go in the shop when finished. I loaded it this morning...then could not make up my mind on what to quilt on  Tomorrow I will decide on something!  This measures 90x100" which are hanging below the machine. Lol
These next blocks are a LaMoyne Star which is a custom order I am working on.
There will be 20 blocks with triple sashings and a nine patch corner stone in each sashing. Did this one years ago too.
Besides these, I have made and machine quilted several baby quilts, a bed runner, and a couple of wall hangings for Canada's 150.
This is the wall hanging above.....these small items all need to be bound yet. Other than what I've shown you here; I have three customer quilts to be hand quilted, one customer quilt to machine quilt, and five of my husbands to s couple more of my own. Ours will be done both ways....depending on the quilt.

That is it, I think...stay safe and enjoy as much quilting as you can...

Monday, April 17, 2017

Grandmothers Flower Garden

Well...I thought it would take forever, but here it is!   I just finished hand quilting this one.
Have to say....I just love it!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Been working steady on customer quilts and starting yard work. The past couple of days have been gorgeous getting outside to rake and clean things up.
I am out to the borders on this custom order...Dresden Plate...or Sunflower, depending on who calls it which.
And, I am just past the center of this Hexie quilt...hand quilting it for a lady.
Last, but not least...Merrill's fifth quilt top finished today. This is from Missouri Star Co.
Side view...
Not great But the borders are white moss green and the deep emerald green, very pretty.
Weather is suppose to be great for a few, hope to be outside more.
Have a wonderful week folks!!!!